Sunday, 2 August 2009

(Belatedly) Celebrating Release Day!!!

Wreckless was finally released to the world on Friday 24 July! Where was I when this awesome event happened, you ask? In Spain with the family, lamenting the end of a two-week vacation, and yes, celebrating the end of "no internet"! Wi-fi at the resort was horrendously expensive and when we eventually gave in and tried (note the tried here) to get it, hopelessly useless!

Anyway, I digress. I'm here at last (after battling an awful chest infection) with a very hoarse Yayyy! to celebrate the release of Wreckless with an excerpt below.

Enjoy and have a fabulous day, everyone.


Excerpt from Wreckless...

Although the anniversary of the accident fell next Friday, one of her visiting days, she aimed to stay away. Fiona’s parents, and Cara mostly likely, would want to spend all day with her. And the last thing she wanted was another confrontation with Cara.
Lexi released the knot on the towel and dropped it on the floor. Naked, she walked into her closet, reached for her blue velour joggers and stopped as she heard the beep of her Blackberry. Throwing the clothes on the bed, she returned to the living room, fetched the phone, and activated it.
Blood surged through her veins when she recognized the number. The message itself was simple.
Ah, news traveled fast.
She answered. Yes. Work.
Meet me tonight.
She swallowed. It’s Thursday.
Meet me. Same time. Same place.
Fingers poised over the keys, she sank onto the nearest chair, raw indecision eating at her. She needed this. Tonight of all nights, she needed this—the rock hard, solid promise of hot hands, hotter lips and a mouth-watering body to chase the nightmares away—so badly.
Her thumb moved, then froze as Cara’s warning echoed in her head.
R u there?
Yes, she responded. Where else would she be?
One hour. I’ll be waiting.
God help her. She needed this.
I’ll be there.
Her whole body trembling, she shoved the phone back into her bag and returned to the bedroom. Stark naked, clothes forgotten, she laid back on her bed, staring at the ceiling.
She’d broken her promise. The only one she couldn’t keep. Again.

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  1. Happy belated release day, Nyla! Wreckless has one of the most beautiful covers I've seen from TWRP. Best of luck! :)